Common Gallinule

(Gallinula galeata)

Status: Vagrant. Last recorded on site in 2021
Breeding Status:-
2017-2021: Confirmed
This species is State Endangered. It is in danger of extinction as a breeding species in the state of Illinois.

At this time of year, this species is unexpected on site.

At one time this species was apparently a regular migrant but is now quite rare on site. One was seen in the marsh in the center of the main ring on April 20, 1988. On May 7th, 1994, another was found in the marsh near the Garden Club. A third sighting occured by the Sea of Evanesence on May 29th, 1997. A Common Gallinule was found during the 2017 SBC. A second sighting of a Gallinule was made on June 3, 2018 (only 2nd in in almost 20 years). Soon after another Gallinule was found, then on June 22 a nest was discovered in the A.E. Sea Slots. Unfortunately, the nest was only occupied until June 28th.