Cooper's Hawk

(Accipiter cooperii)

Status: Year-round Resident. Last recorded on site in 2021
Breeding Status:-
1992-1996: Confirmed1997-2001: Confirmed
2002-2006: Confirmed2007-2011: Confirmed
2012-2016: Confirmed2017-2021: Confirmed

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At this time of year, this species is expected to be present on site.

This species is usually seen during migration and over winter, though since the early 1990's it has been seen more often during the summer and nesting on site has been confirmed which has led to its reclassification as a year round resident. Though, in 1993 a female was seen repeatedly near the education center in late summer, the first confirmed breeding record occurred in 1995 when an occupied nest was located in the woods along Kautz Rd. Since then, other nests have been found in and around the Big Woods.

Photographer: Jackie Tilles.

Photographer: Lester Wahl.
This is an immature bird.