Great Egret

(Ardea alba)

Status: Summer Resident. Last recorded on site in 2021
Breeding Status:-
1987-1991: Confirmed1992-1996: Confirmed
1997-2001: Confirmed2002-2006: Possible but not likely
2012-2016: Possible but not likely2017-2021: Possible but not likely

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At this time of year, this species is expected to be present on site.

Once uncommon this species is now a fairly common from April to October. It frequents marshes and ponds throughout the lab. In the summer of 1991 at least six nests were built in the heron rookery in the center of the ring and some birds were seen there again in 1992 and 1993. However, it was not clear that any of the pairs were successful in rearing young. In 1995 another pair built a nest in the same location.

Photographer: Gene Oleynik.