Henslow's Sparrow

(Centronyx henslowii)

Status: Summer Resident. Last recorded on site in 2021
Breeding Status:-
1997-2001: Likely but not confirmed2002-2006: Confirmed
2007-2011: Likely but not confirmed2012-2016: Confirmed

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At this time of year, this species is unexpected on site.

This species was documented as occurring on site during the 1978 breeding season (Ill. Nat. History Surv., 1985). Though there were several "heard only" reports since then, there were no actual sightings reported until late in the spring of 2000 when at least 3 singing males established breeding territories in the fields south-west of Lake Law. More birds were found in the grasslands all along Eola road so that by early summer there were perhaps ten breeding territories. Birds were present till late August. This sudden influx was reflected in many locations around the Chicago area. In 2001 there were no birds in most of the locations where they were present the previous year nor were there unusually large numbers being recorded off-site. However, up to three pairs were present in the dog-training field SE of the Eola-Batavia intersection. In 2002 there was yet another even bigger influx, with up to 20 pairs in various locations on site. The biggest concentration consisted of territories just east of A.E.Sea. It now appears to be a regular summer resident.

2004 produced some surprises with respect to this species. The birds were first seen inside the main ring in Betz's Prairie, and area which had been burned the previous spring. They arrived earlier than in any previous year and, as far as I could tell, stayed to breed. Breeding confirmations were obtained at several locations on site: North Eola rd. grasslands (two recently fledged juveniles), South Eola rd. grasslands (adult carrying food), Area east of A.E. Sea (two separate sightings of juvenile birds), Area east of Dusaf pond (adult carrying food).

Photographer: Merilee Janusz.

Photographer: Jack Leather.