(Pandion haliaetus)

Status: Migrant. Last recorded on site in 2021
Breeding Status:-
2007-2011: Confirmed2012-2016: Confirmed
2017-2021: Confirmed
This species is State Endangered. It is in danger of extinction as a breeding species in the state of Illinois.

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At this time of year, this species is rare on site.

Occurs as an uncommon migrant and at times has stopped to catch fish in the the larger lakes and the Main Ring moat. For several years during the early nineties one bird was found regularly at the south end of A.E.Sea during the latter part of spring. There was no evidence of breeding however, until early June, 2009, when a pair started building a nest by the Main Injector ring, they eventually raised one young. They have bred there successfully every year since. The earliest returning Osprey was sighted on March 21, 2019 at Nest 1.

Photographer: Greg Vogel.