Sandhill Crane

(Antigone canadensis)

Status: Migrant. Last recorded on site in 2021
Breeding Status:-
1997-2001: Possible but not likely2002-2006: Possible but not likely
2007-2011: Possible but not likely2012-2016: Likely but not confirmed
2017-2021: Confirmed

The Patuxent web-site provides more general information about this species.
At this time of year, this species is uncommon on site.

Occasionally seen flying over during migration especially in the spring. They have also foraged and rested in the fields in the north east of the lab and the prairie in the ring during the afternoon or overnight. These birds are now nesting at various nearby locations, but as yet there is no evidence of breeding on site. Numerous sightings of Sandhills were made in the Lab during mid to late spring of 2015. In addition, a pair was seen at least two times during June in the northeast of the Lab. Although marked as Likley, probably not this year. Maybe soon. This was the year (2017), a pair in the North Roads area successfully produced and raised a single colt. The Sandhill Crane pair with the colt were first spotted on May 24, 2017 by Roads and Grounds personal. On Jun 11, 2019 a second successful breeding of this species was confirmed by Roads and Grounds personal in the same location as 2017. This may be the same pair as 2017. This family group was much more mobile moving north and south of E.Wilson Rd utilizing most of its length.

Photographer: Tom Bentley.