Wilson's Snipe

(Gallinago delicata)

Status: Winter Resident. Last recorded on site in 2021
Breeding Status:-
1987-1991: Likely but not confirmed1992-1996: Possible but not likely
2002-2006: Possible but not likely

At this time of year, this species is expected to be present on site.

This species, which occurs as a common migrant, is found in wet grassy areas where there are a few centimeters of standing water. Records have been made as late as June and territorial behaviour has been observed which suggests that it may have bred on site or may do so in the future. In the winter of 1992 single birds were found in small patches of cattails near the industrial complex and by Road A. Subsequent winter records indicate that small numbers routinely winter on site, sheltering and feeding in those small marshy areas and drainage ditches where a regular supply of warm water prevents freezing.

Photographer: Dave Spleha