The Fermilab Bird List: Page 11

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Survey period 1. Survey period 2. Survey period 3.
Survey period 4. Survey period 5. Survey period 6.
Survey period 7. Survey period 8. Pre-survey records.
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Gray Catbird 
Brown Thrasher 
Northern Mockingbird 
European Starling 
Cedar Waxwing 
House Sparrow 
American Pipit 
House Finch 
Purple Finch 
Common Redpoll 
Red Crossbill 
White-winged Crossbill 
Pine Siskin 
American Goldfinch 
Lapland Longspur 
Snow Bunting 
Eastern Towhee 
American Tree Sparrow 
Chipping Sparrow 
Clay-colored Sparrow